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The SASOLBURG COUNSELLING CENTRE was consecrated by Dr Leon Klein on the 7th February 2010 and opened its doors officially on the 15th February 2010. The Centre operates under the authority of GCC and is directed by Rev Altus Carstens, a resident Minister at the Sasolburg Methodist Church. A tota...

Rev Altus Carstens
Sasolburg Conselling Centre


The DIEPSLOOT COUNSELLING HOUSE (sadly had to close down due to lack of funding). We have high crime rates and teenage pregnancy; drug and alcohol abuse; learners are roaming the streets during school hours; rape and HIV/AIDS are getting higher by the minute. Diepsloot also experienced some of the worst forms of xenophobic attacks in 2008. In all the turmoil and anarchy. The Diepsloot Counselling House assisted residents to see the light of opportunity amidst fierce storms. At the top of it all, Diepsloot Counselling House has championed the need to look at the bright side of things when all was doom and gloom. Diepsloot shall forever be indebted to GCC for a vision that managed to change the way we experience life in Diepsloot. Dr Klein in his book – Centres of Healing – teaches both Church and community how to complement one another in the fight against hopelessness in our society. Every Church, business and community service provider should read this book’’
Date of Posting: 29 May 2013
Posted By: Mothupi Kgopa
Managing Director, Editor and Journalist, Johannesburg, South Africa
The GRACE POINT COUNSELLING CENTRE started in January 2006, with only one fulltime counsellor. With the assistance of GCC, it has now become a fully fleshed and operational Counselling Centre with fulltime counselling, administration and lay staff. We have counselled over 1200 people to date and trained more than 50 lay counsellors. Dr Klein has assisted us with all the basic requirements necessary to become the Centre of Healing we are today. Many of those, whom we have counselled, were from the community and not necessarily from our local church. As a result of the care offered by our centre, many of these previously “unchurched” became members of our church. Our centre also runs various counselling courses; a 24 hour emergency phone service; a hospital ministry, as well as a counselling outreach programme to communities in need of these services, such as Refilwe, an informal settlement. We would never have progressed this far without their support, encouragement, leadership and unfailing commitment of GCC.
Date of Posting: 29 May 2013
Posted By: Yvonne Underwood
It is true that we cannot be effective and efficient in running a CARE CENTRE without the necessary resources. GLOBAL CARE CENTRES empowered us to create our own resources. It taught us the power of networking and partnering with professionals, community service providers, professional bodies, businesses, other Churches, and institutions. It also helped us to develop skills in putting together a proper ministry plan, but the most important lesson we’ve learned from GCC, is that people are our most important resources and that we have to invest in them
Date of Posting: 29 May 2013
Posted By: Cheryl Pillay
Director: Come Back Mission

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