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As pastors we are expected to be Jack of all trades…including doing all the counselling and care. We don’t have the time, and often lack the training or the passion for doing counselling and care, but feel obliged to do so, or guilty if we don’t do so. No wonder we are burning out so quickl...

Rev Mogomotsi Diutlwileng

Our Services

SERVICES are offered in 2 forms: a single computerized self-installing DVD START-UP PACKAGE and FACE-TO-FACE services.

Once the DVD is installed on your computer, a GCC ICON will appear on your desktop, which will give you access to the following:
GCC DVD logo•    Live DVD introduction
•    Live testimonies
•    DVD training guidelines
•    Training & support material
•    University accredited management material
•    Online resources library
•    Free PDF Centres of Healing book
•    Free support software
•    Registration & Service agreement
•    Online professional networks
•    Links to professional bodies
•    Social media community
•    Inter-active website and updates
•    Ongoing support

These services are mainly offered in Southern Africa, but Dr Klein can be invited to speak at the events below, anywhere in the word. The following face-to-face services are offered:
conference people•    Half-day Centre Management Seminar
•    Counselling for clergy families
•    Seminar for congregations on Clergy Family Care
•    Mentoring on self-management & self-leadership
•    Retreats and talks on Clergy Wellness
•    Church and business conflict resolution
•    Guest speaker – conferences, seminars and retreats



To take full advantage of all our services make sure that you have the following:
utilize•    Internet connection
•    Laptop or Personal Computer  
•    Data projector or TV and DVD player (for group training)





A range of other FACE-TO-FACE courses for PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT are offered in the form of short talks, conferences, seminars and retreats. For more information on courses, costs, or how to start these courses in your own local Church, please email us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

service2•    An Authentic Lifestyle
•    Authentic Learners
•    Authentic Leadership
•    The Authentic Man
•    The Affectionate Man
•    Stress Management
•    Ministry/Work Burnout
•    Significant Employees
•    Marriage & Family Enrichment
•    Managing Your Body God’s Way
•    Develop Healthy Teams
•    The Power of FORGIVENESS
•    Single and Whole
•    Positive Anger
•    Servant Leadership
•    Care for the Care-giver
•    Significant Senior Citizens
•    Become A Mentor